Wallah / Wallahi Meaning, in Arabic & 4 Usage

Wallahi or Wallah is a common Islamic expression used by Muslims worldwide to affirm that what they are saying is true, similar to swearing. We will discuss in detail how it is written in Arabic and its Meaning and when to use it.

Wallahi Meaning

Wallah and Wallahi consist of 2 words Wa Allah in which Wa means And, as well as Allah refers to God, combined its literal meaning is “And Allah” but what is meant by it is Swearing to Allah, similar to saying I swear to God.

Wallahi in Arabic

Both Wallah and Wallahi are written in the same way in Arabic as

و الله

the only difference is the diacritical as Wallahi is written like و اللَّـهِ while the other one is written as و اللَّـه.

Alternative forms

we combing here some Alternative spelling and phrases that have the same meaning as Wallahi

  • Billah / Billahi بالله
  • Wallahi Al-Azeem و الله العظيم
  • Oksem Billah اقسم بالله
  • Wallahee

Also, you can use any of Allah’s 99 Names, like “By Ar-Rahman” or “I swear by Ar-Rahman” or use one of Allah’s characteristics, as when you say, “I swear by His greatness”

Swearing conditions in Islam

Due to the simplicity of Wallahi, it can be totally addictive once you learn it and say it all the time, but before using it you must know there are some conditions that should be met otherwise it would be sinful like:

  1. The one swearing must be sane and adult. The oath of a child, the insane, and the compelled are not proper. as well as an oath in the state of anger.
  2. Only swearing by Allah or His Names, not by the Prophets, Parents, or anything else.
  3. That what you say is true and doesn’t involve something bad or forbidden

Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) says: “He who has to take an oath, he must not take the oath but by Allah. The Quraish used to take an oath by their fathers. So he (the Holy Prophet) said: Do not take an oath by your fathers”.[Sahih]

Its Usage with Examples

There are many ways Muslims you Waallah and we collected the most common situation when it is used with examples

Giving a testimony: Waallahi, I saw you stealing the wallet from his pocket

Showing hospitality: Wallaahi you won’t leave before having dinner 1st! you want me to break my oath?!

Affirming something unusual: I was able to hold my breath underwater for more than 3 minutes, Wallahee!

Asking someone to confirm: You really did that? say Walahi!

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