Allahu Alam in Arabic, Meaning & when to say

Allahu Alam is a phrase that Muslims say when they lack the answer or information for a question they were asked similar to saying “I don’t know”. We will discuss in detail how it is written in Arabic, its Meaning, and when to say it.

Allahu Alam in Arabic

the phrase consists of 2 words which are written in Arabic as

الله اعلم

Common Spelling:

  • Allah Alam
  • Allahu Al’am

Allahu Alam Meaning

The word “Alam ” is derived from “Elm” which means knowledge healing, so Alam means the knower, and combining it with Allah makes it Allah the knower which meant by it “Allah knows the best”.

When to Say Allah Alam

The most common use of this phrase is to say when you lack the knowledge to answer a question you were asked. Also, Sheikh and people can say it after answering the question in a way that humbles them and Glorifies Allah’s knowledge of all things.

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