Allah Yerhamo Meaning, in Arabic, & How to Reply

Allah Yerhamo also known as Rahimahullah is an Arabic phrase that Muslims say when they hear someone has passed away along with saying “Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji’un“. It is important to know that if it is for him then we say “Allah Yerhamo” or “Rahimahullah” but if it is for her then it would be “Allah Yerhama” or “Rahimahallah”

Although Allah Yerhamo and Rahimahullah have the same meaning and carry the same 2 words The main difference is the 1st one is used when hearing news about the deceased you are familiar with, but Rahimahullah is more used when mentioning a late scholar-teacher, or leader, who was known for their goodness.

In Arabic

Allah Yerhamo in Arabic is written as:

الله يرحمه

But for females is Allah Yerhama which in Arabic is الله يرحمها.

Allah الله God
Yerhamoيرحمهhave mercy on him

Allah Yerhamo Meaning

Allah Yerhamo means “May Allah have mercy on him” Since the person who passed away is now within Allah’s hand, the best you can do is to ask and pray to Allah to have mercy on his soul.

For Female & Plural Variation

The Arabic language is a grammatically gendered language with each verb, noun, and adjective always assigned either a male or female case. As well as it differentiates between Single, Dual, and Plural


Allah Yerhamha (in Arabic: “الله يرحمها”)
Translation: May Allah have mercy on her.
Example: “Sorry for the loss of your mother, Allah Yerhamha


Allah Yerhamhma (in Arabic: “الله يرحمهما“)
Translation: May Allah have mercy on both of them.
Example: I lost my parents last year in a car accident, Allah Yerhamhma.


Allah Yerhamhom (in Arabic: “الله يرحمهم“)
Translation: May Allah have mercy on them.
Example: A lot of people have passed away from this earthquake. Allah Yerhamhom

How to reply?

Since the phrase is a Dua for the deceased person, the best reply to Allah Yerhamo is to say Ameen “امين”, or if you want to thank the person who made the dua the reply with jazakallah khair “جزاك الله خير “may God reward you with goodness”.

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