Allah Hafiz Meaning, in Arabic & When to Say

Allah Hafiz also known as (Khuda Hafiz) is a simple Dua that Muslims say to each other at end of a meeting similar to saying goodbye. We will discuss in detail how it is written in Arabic, its Meaning when to say it, and how to respond

Allah Hafiz in Arabic

The phrase consists of 2 words that are written in Arabic as

 الله حافظ

Allah Hafiz Meaning

“Hafiz” comes from the Arabic word “Hafiiz” which means “Protector” (The one who Protects). Combing Hafiz with Allah means, “May Allah be your Protector” or “May God be your Guardian”. And if Allah is your Guardian, there shall be nothing that could harm you in any way or manner.

When to say it

The most common usage of this phrase is just as English speakers would say goodbye. Normally said at the end of a conversation or departing from each other. The difference between saying Allah Hafiiz and Fi Amanillah is the meaning as Fi Amanillah means “(be) with the safety of Allah”.

How to reply to Allah Hafiiz

The common reply to it would be “Fe Hifz Allah” which means “With Allah’s protection”
or you can reply with the same phrase “Allah Hafiiz
or you can reply by saying the phrase “Fi Amanillah” which means “in Allah’s Safety”.

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