Fi Amanillah Meaning, in Arabic & When to Say

Fi Amanillah is a simple yet powerful Dua that Muslims say to people departing from each other similar to saying goodbye. It often conveys prayers for someone’s safety and protection. We will discuss in detail how it is written in Arabic, its meaning, when to say it, and how to respond.

Fi Amanillah in Arabic

The phrase consists of 3 words that are written in Arabic as

في أمان الله

Common Spelling:

  • Fi Aman illah
  • Fi Aman Allah
  • Fi Amaan Allah

Fi Amanillah Meaning

The meaning of the phrase is I leave you in the protection of Allah. The definition of this Arabic phrase can be roughly translated to “(be) with the safety of Allah” or “May Allah Protect You”. The purpose of Muslims saying it is to wish for the safety of God (Allah) upon the other.

How to reply to Fi Amanillah

The common reply to it would be “Fe Hifz Allah” which means “With Allah’s protection” or you can reply with the same phrase “Fi Amanillah” or you can thank him for this sincere Dua by saying “Jazak Allah Khayran

When to say Fi Aman illah

The most common usage of this phrase is just as English speakers would say goodbye. Normally said at the end of a conversation or departing from each other. The difference between saying Fi amaanillah and Allah Hafiz is the meaning as Allah Hafiz means “May God be your Guardian/Protector”.

It’s also suitable to be said when two people are about to be split apart because one will travel and doesn’t know when they will meet again. It then has the meaning of wishing them a safe journey on their travels.

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