Allah Yashfeek Meaning, in Arabic, & When to Say

Allah Yashfeek is a simple yet powerful Dua that Muslims say to people that suffer from some kind of sickness or indirect insult to someone’s thoughts. We will discuss in detail how it is written in Arabic, its Meaning, when to say it and how to respond

Allah Yashfeek in Arabic

The Dua consists of 2 words that are written in Arabic as

الله يشفيك

Common Spelling:

  • Allah Yashfeeky ‘To Female’
  • Allah Yashfeekom ‘To plural’
  • Shafak Allah
  • Rabenna Yeshfeek

Allah Yashfeek Meaning

The word “Yashfeek” is derived from “Shefaa” which means healing, so Yashfeek means Heals you, and combining it with Allah makes it Dua which means May Allah Heal you.

When to Say Allah Yashfik

It is important to be careful when you say it as it may carry an insult because when you say it you declare that something is wrong with the person and you pray to Allah to heal him/her from that thing.

So if there is a mutual agreement that the person suffers from some kind of sickness then it will be a suitable time to say Allah Yashfik. Otherwise, it would be better not to say it out loud.

1. As a Dua“Sorry to see you sick brother, Allah Yashfik
2. As an insult “Something wrong with your mind! Allah Yashfik

How to reply

Since it’s considered a Dua so the most convenient reply is saying, Ameen or Allahumma Ameen or thanking the person who made the Dua with Jazakallah Khair.

if it was said as an insult then you generalize the dua by saying Allah Yshfeena Gamaan which means may Allah heals us all or you can say ‎Allah Yesamhak which means May Allah forgive you

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