Allah Yuftah Alaikum Meaning & in Arabic

Allah Yuftah Alaikum is a Dua Muslims say to others in a way that is similar to wishing good luck, But because there is no luck in Islam and everything is done by Allah(SWT) Muslims instead use this phrase. We will discuss in detail how it is written in Arabic and its Meaning.

Allah Yuftah Alaikum in Arabic

The phrase consists of 3 words which are written a

الله يفتحها عليكم

And they are broken down as the following table:

Allah الله God
Yuftah يفتحهاOpens it
Alaikum عليكمfor you

Common spelling:

  • Allah Yuftah Alaiky to Female
  • Allah Yuftah Alaik to singluar
  • Fatah Allah Alik

Allah Yuftah Alaikum Meaning

The word “Yuftah ” is derived from “Fatah” which means open, and Alaikum means On you, but combining them with Allah makes it Dua which means May Allah opens it for you with the intention to mean May Allah pave the way for you.

When to Say Allah Yuftah Alaik

You can say the dua to someone, before leaving to do some task like going to work, or interview, or an exam, or before starting the task itself like before saying it to someone before starting the exam or the work

How to reply

Since it’s considered a Dua so the most convenient reply is saying, Ameen or Allahumma Ameen or thanking the person who made the Dua with Jazakallah Khair.

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