Wa Iyyak / Wa Iyyakum in Arabic & Meaning

Wa Iyyakum or Wa Iyyak is a common reply to a person who says”Jazakallah Khair” or When someone makes Du’a for. We will discuss in detail how it is written in Arabic and its Meaning.

Wa Iyyakum in Arabic

For Male/Female Singular it would be written as


and without Diacritical:


For Plural, it would be written as وَإِيَّاكُمْ.

Common Spelling:

  • Wa Iyyakum (Plural)
  • Wa Iyyaky for Female Singular
  • Wa Iyyak for Male Singular
  • Waiyyak (Male Singular)

Wa Iyyak Meaning

The phrase’s literal meaning is “and you” but its general meaning is “same to you too” as you wish the same “Jazakallah Khair” to the person who said it to you.

To female or Plrual variation

The Arabic language is a grammatically gendered language with each verb, noun, and adjective always assigned either a male or female case. As well as it differentiates between Single, Dual, and Plural


Iyyaky (in Arabic: “وَإِيَّاكِ”)


Iyyakuma (in Arabic: “وإياكما”)


Males or Mix: Iyyakum (in Arabic: “وإياكم”)
Females: Iyyakun (in Arabic: “وَإِيَّاكن”)

When to say it

When someone makes Dua for you or says Jazakallah Khair, The most common reply and the shortest is saying Wa Iyyakum. Or you can say Wa Iyakum and reply the same dua or something better like “Wa Iyakum, jazakAllah Khairan”

Example in Sentences

-May Allah remove all the difficulties in your life
= Ameen, Wa iyyakom

-JazakAllahu Khairan for your content. I learned a lot!
= Waiyyak, We are happy to hear that

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