Sana Khan reveals why she chose Hijab over Bollywood, Fame & Money

Sana Khan who left showbiz at the peak of her career has shared her story of moving away from films and television after achieving success in the industry but suffering from depression and nightmares.

Despite having everything, she has said in a video that she was unhappy. “In my past life, of course, I had everything, I had fame, name, money,” she said. “I could do anything and everything I wanted.

But one thing that was missing was ‘peace in my heart.” The unhappiness had pushed her into a sort of depression. It was then that she saw a dream.

Talking about the year that changed her life, she said, “In 2019 I still remember, during Ramadan, I used to see a grave in my dreams. I would see a burning, blazing grave and I could see myself in the grave. I didn’t see the empty grave, I saw myself.

Sana Khan reveals why she chose Hijab over Bollywood, Fame & Money

I felt this is the sign that God is giving me that if I don’t change, this is what my end is. That got me a little anxious. I still remember the changes that were happening. I would listen to all the motivational Islamic speeches and one night I remember reading something so beautiful.”

“The message said that you don’t want your last day to be your first day of wearing hijab. That is something that touched me so deeply,” she said and started to cry.

Promising to wear a hijab forever in life, Sana said, “The next morning I remember I woke up and that was my birthday. I had bought a lot of scarves before. I put the cap inside, wore the scarf and I told myself I will never remove this ever again.”

She said she will serve humanity and follow the orders of “my creator.” In order to erase her past, she deleted all her social media posts. A month later, she took the marriage vows with Surat-based businessman Anas Saiyad. This year, she performed Hajj.

Sana Khan on July 7th shared a post on her Instagram account and informed her fans that she landed in Mecca with her husband Anas Saiyad and has left for Mina, to begin the first rituals of Hajj 2022.

Sana Khan reveals why she chose Hijab over Bollywood, Fame & Money

She shared, “Sana I am very happy as I always wanted to do Hajj. I am happy God chose this year for me. I used to come for Umrah before when I was not changed. I would come here, do the umrah, wear a hijab here then go back and remove it.

She adds,” I am happy God changed at such a right time because I’ve changed. I might not get this opportunity again. I am happy that now that I am changed I would not go back and remove my hijab, and abaya and throw it away.”

“Finally Back home. What an experience I can’t put in words to explain what I felt performing my 1st Haj,” she wrote on her popular Instagram account. “I always dreamt of it but never knew this would happen so soon…Coming back learning so much n In Sha Allah hoping to be better than what I was or what I am.”

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