Nike Recalls Shoes Which Had “Allah” Appeared On Sole

Air Max Sneaker in Nike store has been called off stores after the name of Allah in Arabic appeared on its sole.

Saiqa Noreen earlier this month, started a Change org petition that shows Nike’s Air Max Logo at the sole of the shoe resembled the word Allah.

This is so wrong, printing God’s name on a shoe is something Muslims won’t tolerate.

Saiqa Noreen said in a petition.

She said, “This is highly disrespectful, and and offensive to both Muslims and Islam. Islam teaches kindness but in return Islam gets insult from big brands.”

She urged nike to recall the shoes from all of its stores. As it is clearly blasphemous as it insults the name of Allah. And she further said the authorities should do a complete scrutiny in future to prevent such acts.

Noreen said that every Muslim and people who respects freedom of religion should sign this petition.

By 30th of January 2019, The Independent reported that the petition has gotten over 12,000 signs. After this petition went viral, Nike said, that the resemblance of the logo on the sole is “accidental” with the word Allah.

Is Nike going to cave in to this ridiculous demand? We’re supposed to believe that Nike intentionally went out of their way to write Allah on the sole of a line of shoes?

Muslims demand Nike recall ‘offensive’ Air Max trainer

— Michael J. Fell (@MichaelJFell) January 30, 2019

This is not the first time Nike has done this, In 1997, Nike in UK had recalled 38,000 pairs of shoes after the logo resembled the word, Allah. And in 2019, Nike did it again.

The Muslim community is highly disappointed with this act of Nike. And the worldwide Nike boycott is happening right now, started by millions of Muslims all around the world.

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