Sadaqallahul Azim in Arabic & Meaning

Sadaqallahul Azim is a phrase said by many Muslims after finishing reading Quran. It is important to know it’s not obligatory as it was not mentioned in Quran and Sunnah but it’s not harmful or sinful if a person does that sometimes,


The following video we have made will help you learn the proper pronunciation of the phrase word by word

Sadaqallahul Azim in Arabic

The phrase consists of 3 words that are written in Arabic:

صدق الله العظيم

And they are broken down as the following table:

Sadaqصدق spoke the truth
Al Azimالعظيم the Immense

Common Spelling:

  • Sadaq allahul Azim
  • Sadaq allah El Azim
  • Sadaqa Allah ulAzim
  • Sadaqallahulazim

Sadaqallahul Azim Meaning

“Sadaqa” means Spoken the truth which is derived from “Sedk”. Al Azaim means the immense or the great, comping the words together means Allah has spoken the truth

When to say it

Although it is not Sunnah or required, The phrase is typically used after reciting a verse from the Quran or after making a statement that is believed to be true and in accordance with the teachings of Islam.

By saying “Sadaqallahul Azim,” one affirms their belief in Allah’s truthfulness and acknowledges that what has been said is in line with the teachings of Islam.

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