Pakistani man rides motorbike for 50-days to perform Umrah.

Pakistani biker and Vlogger, Abrar Hassan, has completed a 50-day ride journey on his motorbike to reach Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah. Abrar set on the journey from his hometown Nankana Sahib on Feb 9th.

A journey that required crossing three continents and riding for 50 days before he arrived in Madinah on 27 March.

From there, he went to Makkah, Islam’s holiest city, and performed the Umrah pilgrimage.

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Abrar, a mechanical engineer with a German automotive company, had already traveled to over 80 countries, at least 12 of them on his motorcycle before he decided to pursue his “greatest dream,” which was a bike ride to Saudi Arabia for Umrah.

Speaking in a video message from Madinah to Arab News, Hassan said that traveling to Saudi Arabia by motorbike was his dream for a long time, and he is happy that it has finally come true this year.

Pakistani man rides motorbike for 50-days to perform Umrah.

Hassan thanked the people of Saudi Arabia for the “warm welcome” and the love he has received.

He revealed that as soon as he arrived in the Kingdom, a group of women selling tea greeted him warmly; they didn’t take money from him after learning that he traveled from Pakistan by motorbike to perform Umrah. They said that he was their “guest.”

Hassan’s support and affection extended his stay in the Kingdom to explore other cities. He revealed that he had traveled to Madinah, Makkah, and Riyadh and planned to visit Jeddah. As well as Abha, Al-Bahah, Jazan, and Al Ula near the Jordan border soon.

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