British Muslims Offer Free Shelters and Food to the Homeless

Rough sleepers will be able to bunk down safely in a central location for as long as the cold snap lasts, thanks to Birmingham Muslims who are providing beds for the city’s homeless, Birmingham Mail reported.

“The problem of homelessness is increasing in the Midlands and the UK. We are now reaching crisis levels with people dying on the streets,” said Kamran Hussain, from Green Lane Masjid and Community Centre (GLMCC) in Small Heath.

“It’s important that faith and community groups do their part to help those in need. As an Islamic faith institute, we are required to take care of the poor and less fortunate.”

British Muslims Offer Free Shelters and Food to the Homeless

Coming together to help the homeless, members of GLMCC, Muslim Aid and the As-Suffa Institute pooled their resources, fundraising, and expertise to tackle the homeless problem blighting our streets.

“Many organizations don’t have the capacity to run a project as large as this. This requires finances, a huge volunteer base and a lot of organization and coordination,” Hussain said.

“By getting together it doesn’t put the hardship of running such a project onto one single organization.

“By housing the homeless, we will create a safe space for them and give them a little relief from their harsh lives.

“We will also have people who work with the homeless, to provide advice on how they can get themselves off the streets.”

Hussain added that the users would be provided with the help needed to get off the streets.

“We hope to get a number of the homeless into permanent accommodation. Many of the homeless find it hard to navigate through the benefits system to get access to financial support or housing.

“Last year, through our project at Green Lane, we managed to get about 10 people into housing, which was a huge achievement.”