25 Inspiring Bilal Philips Quotes

Dr. Bilal Philips Quotes are truly inspiring since he is a Muslim teacher, speaker, author, and one of the most celebrated Islamic scholars of all time. He is the founder of Islamic Online University and the Center for Islamic Information and Education.

He offers free courses that provide accurate information about Islamic beliefs, customs, and history to both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Bilal Phillips strives to expand the religion of Islam by bringing in more Muslims to the Muslim community. He teaches Muslims that their lives should revolve around Islam because this is the only thing that can take them to Jannah.

Bilal Philips Quotes

“The beautiful thing about calling out to your Lord is that you don’t always have to put your feelings into words”

“Allah knows what’s best for you, and He also knows when it’s best for you to have it.”

“If you want guaranteed success, make every effort to please Allah.” 

“You lose hope because you saw only your sins and could not see what is greater, Allah’s mercy.”

25 Inspiring Bilal Philips Quotes

“When you can’t put your prayers into words, Allah hears your heart”

“The best thing about asking Allah for help is that you don’t have to act strong or hide your weakness.” 

“Salah is the first thing you will be questioned about, so do not make it the last thing on your mind.” 

“Marriage is the proper way to establishing correct & permissible relationships between men & women.” 

“Evaluate your friends every once in a while. A true friend is a positive influence who brings you close to Allah.” 

“After hardship, there will be ease. This is Allah’s promise. So never lose hope in times of hardships & calamities.” 

“Always take the positives out of a negative situation. Never overthink or stress. Every situation has a lesson to teach us.” 

25 Inspiring Bilal Philips Quotes

“Don’t hurt someone so much that they sit on the prayer mat and cry because of you and the pain you’ve given them.”

“The hardest thing is to give up something you love, for the sake of Allah. But remember Allah never takes without giving something better.”

“Wrong is wrong even if everyone is doing it. Right is right even if you are the only one doing it.”

“Allah is the best listener, you don’t need to shout, nor cry out loud. Because he hears even the very silent prayer of a sincere heart.”

“Allah has a purpose for your pain, a reason for your struggles, and a reward for your faithfulness. Don’t give up.”

“Someone somewhere right now is fighting his or her life. You still have yours, so be thankful and spend it in the obedience of Allah.”

“Never give up making dua to Allah. It may not happen now, it may not happen next month, but it will happen when Allah knows is best for you.”

25 Inspiring Bilal Philips Quotes

“Don’t be sad if Allah separates you from something or someone you love. If only we knew what His plans were for us, our hearts would melt for the warmth of His love.”

“Busy yourself with what is pleasing to Allah, or Satan will busy you with what displeases Him. Blessed are those, who are busy worrying about their Akhirah.”

“Know that whatever happens which we had or have no control over, then Allah has put in it some good, whether or not we are able to grasp what is good in it; the good is still there.”

“If Allah has written for you happiness, no one can steal that from you, and if He has written for your heart to break, then no one can mend in but He, so always put your trust in Allah.”

“Don’t panic and lose hope even if there’s a mountain in your path talk to the One who created the mountains.”

“A wife and a husband should be regarded as friends for the sake of Allaah. And that friendship is above material needs; each encouraging the other one to do good deeds, which are pleasing to Allah.”

“The only way to stop any pain in your life is to accept the fact that nothing is yours, nothing was yours, and nothing will ever be yours. They are worldly attachments; given by Allah, belonging to Allah and returning back to Allah.”

“May Allah heal the broken hearts. The ones who are silent, who cannot express their pain. The ones who are tired of torment. The ones who need a break. May Allah put an end to your sadness, may He put a smile on your face.”

Bilal Philips Books

Dr. Bilal Philips hopes from his books to encourage all to become writers also. as well as Gain knowledge through studying them. He believes books help people to be able to organize their knowledge.