24 Inspiring & Powerful Ahmed Deedat Quotes

Sheikh Ahmed Deedat, a widely known Muslim Televangelist, an Islamic preacher, and the mentor of the most famous Islamic Preacher Dr. Zakir Naik was a man of utmost wisdom and diligence in the Comparative religion. He was a one-man army standing with the Muslims against Christian Missionaries and their harassment.

When the Christian Missionaries under the British Kingdom were subjugating Muslims and trying their best to defame Islam, he was fighting like a warrior for the sake of Allah.

He was a founder member of the Islamic Propagation Center International (IPCI) and became its President, a position he held until he passed away in the year 2005.

24 Inspiring Shaikh Ahmed Deedat quotes:

1. “Language is the key to the heart of people.”

2. “Have faith. Have hope.”

3. “Someone said: Women are the cause of problems in the world…..Yes, I agree; because she suffered 9 months to bring a fool like you into life to say that Women are the reason for the problems.”

4. “When you keep looking for flaws in others, that’s all you’ll see. You won’t see their beauty. Start focusing on what’s good in people.”

5. “The biggest enemy of Islam is the ignorant Muslim, Whose ignorance leads him to intolerance and whose actions destroy the true image of Islam. And when the people look at him, they think that Islam is what he is.”

Ahmed Deedat Quotes

6. “Islam will win with or without you. But without Islam, you will be lost and you will lose.”

7. “Life’s a constant struggle. Always try to do better. When others make mistakes, don’t look down on them. Help them up with your wisdom.” 

8.“If I did despair of the mercy of Allah, I would not be Muslim.”

9. “Don’t be busybodies, meddling into affairs of others. Avoid prying into things that are of no concern to you. Focus on your own life.”

10. “If you love Allah, you have to love Prophet (PBUH). If you can’t love the one you can see, how can you love the one whom you can’t see.”

11. “Your brain and your heart are the two most powerful organs in your body. Do not give control of them to anybody.”

12. “We want to make the world a better place but we are not prepared to improve ourselves.”

13. “Don’t envy the lives of others. Often you only see the surface. If you delve deeper, everyone faces challenges. Each one; without exception.”

14. “Christianity is not the religion of Jesus, but it is the religion of Paul. If Christians really followed Jesus, they would have been Muslims.”

15. “If your heart is always content, then you are the same as or even better than he who has everything in this world.”

16. “Women – They are your mother, They are your sisters, They are your daughters, They are your aunts. They have to be loved and cherished and not for sale, So, I don’t advertise them.”

17. “Peace with oneself brings about positiveness, calmness, focus, contentment, and goodness in our thoughts, actions, character, and being.

18. “Protect yourself, your children & the coming generations by knowledge and wisdoms.”

19. “Arrogance creates a mental block preventing you from taking good advice. Humility allows you to open up, seek advice, and imbibe knowledge.”

20. “Life is not guaranteed at all but death is absolutely guaranteed upon all, yet we still prepare for life more than death.”

21. “We believe that Allah is the only Creator & He sent us messengers & prophets to guide us.”

22. “Go back to the Qur’an. Allah gives you directions on how to do the job. He is giving you example after example but Muslims are not reading the books. They rattle it off. They memorize it, they recite it beautifully, and they put people in ecstasy when they recite. But WHAT ARE WE READING? Are the sound, the melody, and the voice, reward that we are reading for?”

23. “We have got so much energy that we don’t know how to use it. So what are we doing now? We are using this energy to bash each other; busy, busy, busy, ‘you know about your beard, that it is not the standard fist size’, you are wearing Mushrik clothes, busy, busy, busy in such petty matters. What I say is, Look, the important thing in life is that you must identify; Who are the people there to subvert you, Who are out to steal your children, and so on. Instead of worrying about the beard or the mustache, whether it should be shaved or trimmed. What is this luxury that we are enjoying? We can’t afford this luxury because these are the things going on that are going to destroy us, that is going to break us up.”

24. “In Karachi in the 1950s, living in Pakistan, Katcheri Road, 2nd floor, I get a knock at the door early in the morning. I open the door and a Caucasian, a white man, says, ”Good morning.” I say, “Good morning, what can I do for you?” The man says, “Look, I have got some literature for you.” I said, come inside. He comes in. Sits down. I say, “where do you come from?” He says, “I come from England.” A few days later, another knock at the door. I open the door and another white man. This is right in the center of Karachi. I say, “what can I do for you?” “I have some literature for you.” “Where do you come from?” “America”. This guy’s coming from 6000 miles, that guy is coming from 10,000 miles to preach me in my country. I want to know what am I doing? Nothing. Nothing. It is an obligation of the Muslims to deliver the message long before Salah, Zakah, and Hajj became Fard. Allah tells his prophets and through him, He’s telling us, “You deliver the message because it’s your duty.”

Shaikh Ahmed Deedat Books

Ahmed Deedat has published over 20 books and distributed millions of copies free of charge. He has delivered thousands of lectures all over the world and successfully engaged Christian Evangelists in public debates.

Several thousand people have come into the fold of Islam as a result of the hard work of Ahmed Deedat.

He authored many books to train young Muslims to get involved in Dawah Work and invite people to taste the sweetness of Islam.

May Allah accept his deeds and bless his soul with Jannatul Firdaus for his path-breaking efforts for Dawah of Islam worldwide.