Why Everyone should READ the Quran!

you might be wondering what is this manual? Where can i get it from? Who wrote it?

There is no doubt that every person will go through times in their life where they might feel empty, confused, depressed, unsure why they exist and yearning to understand what is their place and purpose in this life. We were not born knowing exactly how to live, but it is an absolute miracle that we were all given an instruction manual (Quran) to guide us on our journey of existence and help us to fill those voids deep within our hearts.

So now you might be wondering what is this manual? Where can i get it from? Who wrote it?

It is the HOLY QURAN and it is the PURE, UNCHANGED Miraculous message that God sent to help us navigate through life!

It is a source of Guidance

In various Verses in the Quran, Allah SWT refers to the Quran as being

“Guidance for mankind” which leads to a path that “is most right”.  

Reading the Quran will help you find direction in your life and God has promised mankind that the effect of reading and understanding the Quran is to:

“take mankind from the depths of darkness to light”

“guides them to the ways of peace”

Understand your purpose of existence

If you ever find yourself questioning your existence or you want answers about what your purpose is in this life, The Quran is the only book in the world which will give you the true answers to these questions.

The Quran will give you insight into how to live with a purpose to Serve God the Almighty and many verses speak about the origins of existence, how the earth was created, how the human was formed and the sacredness of life and human existence.

Allah SWT tells us about the purpose of our lives.

“He created death and life to test you as to
which of you is best in deed.”

“I have created the jinn and humankind only for My worship.”

Learn the TRUTH about ISLAM

With islamophobia on the rise, and many misconceptions about Islam circulating around the world, every person should take their own self initiative to find out the truth about ISLAM and correct the negative impression that is being portrayed about Islam. The Quran is the PURE, UNCHANGED message from God, Nothing has been added, removed or modified from it, since its revelation over 1400 years ago and by reading it and asking about the teachings of the Quran from legitimate, trustworthy sources, you are on the road to understanding the truth.

“And the word of your Lord has been fulfilled in truth and in justice. None can alter His words, and He is the Hearing, the Knowing.”

“This is the Book in which there is no doubt.”

Learn MORE about GOD

If you feel that you want to know more about God, what are his attributes and how can you love God and get closer to God, the Quran has all these answers. There are so many descriptions of the magnificence of God’s creations, His Mercy, His love for mankind and His Generosity. You will automatically find your heart at ease when you learn more about God, your creator. In fact, the more you read about God, the more you will love Him and be awed by his Majesty.

Find out about what happens after death

This life does not end at death. If you are living your life thinking that it will all end at death, then you have not given yourself enough hope and optimism. The Quran will teach you about the hereafter- the life after death- and you can read all about the amazing privileges and beauty of paradise that God has promised for those who believe in Him.

Be amazed by all the scientific miracles

There are countless descriptions in the Quran of scientific miracles that have only just been discovered in the 21st century. Things like the medicinal benefits of honey, the miracles of embryology, the locations of the stars, secrets of the oceans, the mountains as pegs, the rotation of the Earth and many more. It

May Allah SWT make us from amongst those who learn the Quran and teach it!.