Saudi deployed 11 smart robots to sanitize Grand Mosque during Hajj

Saudi Arabia has deployed 11 robots to sanitize Grand Mosque at Makkah as part of the pandemic control measures.

The robots will automatically sanitize all areas of the mosque and analyze sanitization requirements to protect pilgrims and worshippers from bacterial threats.

The smart machines are equipped with a unique program to analyze the disinfection requirements of the assigned area.

According to the General Presidency for the Affairs of the Two Holy Mosques, these robots can work between five and eight hours without any human intervention.

Saudi deployed 11 smart robots to sanitize Grand Mosque during Hajj

With the programming of the layout of the mosque loaded into their systems, the robots will clean the mosque according to attendance.

The robots use simultaneous localization and mapping technology, which features a high-performance atomization unit and a battery charging feature.

The device can carry up to 23.8 liters of sanitizer, consuming 2 liters per hour, to eliminate bacteria in an area of ​​600 sq m on each round. The robots can move for 3 km without any support from humans.

The robots feature a front detection system to avoid running into obstacles for up to 10 meters. The device carries a camera that contains a high-quality radar for mapping.

The smart robot device has obtained international certificates, including the European CE Quality Accreditation Certificate.