Muslim Woman Built a Mosque after saving Husband’s salary for 30 years

Muslim Woman Build Mosque after saving Husband’s Salary for 30 years Charity is considered as a religious obligation in Islam. We see a lot of people giving charity to the poor . Further, Zak’aat is one of the important pillors of Islam. In terms of charity, we generally find men leading. But today we will the story of a woman and her utmost patience and love for her husband.

This Saudi woman is an epitome of love and dedication who saved her late husband’s retirement salary for 30 years and built a mosque in his name. This is just unbelievable.

The wife’s story went viral on social media after her son, Mohammad Al Harbi, tweeted about it. 

Just hours after it was first uploaded, the tweet started widely circulating online and continues to make the rounds on Twitter.

In his tweet, the man posted a picture of his mother standing on the premises of the newly built place of worship, which is a tribute to his father. T

he woman’s story touched several hearts after her son, Mohammad Al Harbi shared it on Twitter. Al Haribi tweeted a picture showing his mother standing on the premises of the newly built mosque. He wrote on Twitter: “How great are you, mother.

The son said: “She never enjoyed my late father’s modest retirement salary. She spent 30 years saving it up one riyal at a time until she built a mosque in my father’s name. May he rest in peace and be granted a place in heaven. We belong to God and to him we return.”

Mostly women love to buy things and it’s quite rare to find women who save money of her husband but this women is a living example for all the women who spent the whole salary on clothes, foot wears etc. She has set an example of pure love and affection between husband and wife.

This story is a lesson for the young generation of the women. Islam teaches us to sacrifice. We saw millions of case of divorce because women complain that their husband are not giving them enough money.

I just wants to say that: “Islam is all about sacrifice”. You cannot become a good Muslim without sacrificing yourself. Within hours the tweet went viral and was widely circulated online with people expressing hailing the woman for the tremendous work. ‘May God unite them in the afterlife’, wrote one Twitter user.

Indeed this is an example of ‘Love in its greatest form’, where a wife saved money for 30 years to build a mosque for her husband.