Knifeman storms London mosque and ‘stabs man during a call to prayer’

A knifeman reportedly stabbed a prayer leader in the neck while worshipping.

According to witnesses at the scene, the attacker stabbed the Muaddin in the neck in the London Central Mosque in Regent’s Park shortly after 3 pm today.

He had been praying ‘silently’ behind the holy man before launching the attack, witnesses said.

Around 20 people then jumped on the attacker.

It is believed that the 29-year-old attacker had been worshipping at the mosque on multiple occasions over a six month period before today.

Footage of the scene shows a man in a red jumper restrained on the blue floor of the west London place of worship.

Knifeman storms London mosque and ‘stabs man during a call to prayer’

He was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

The victim, in his 70s, has been taken to a major trauma center but his condition is not life-threatening.

The incident is not being treated as terror-related by the police.

A witness to the attack said the suspect had been a regular in the mosque and had been seen at least six months ago.

Abi Watik said: “We were shocked we didn’t know what was happening.”

He said the victim had been stabbed once in the right shoulder moments after prayers had started, and he believed the suspect had waited for that moment.

Knifeman storms London mosque and ‘stabs man during a call to prayer’

The 59-year-old added: “It has just started and he was waiting for them to start.

“He was praying behind him and then he stabbed him.

“He (the suspect) was silent the whole time.”

‘We are reissuing our safety tips for individuals and mosques as a precaution. Please observe them.’ The London Ambulance Service (LAS) said the man stabbed at the mosque near Regent’s Park has been taken to a major trauma center.

The service tweeted: ‘We sent an ambulance crew, a paramedic in a car and an advanced paramedic practitioner to this incident in Regent’s Park. ‘We treated a man at the scene and took him to a major trauma center.’

The Prime Minister tweeted: ‘I’m deeply saddened to hear of the attack at the London Central Mosque. It’s so awful that this should happen, especially in a place of worship. My thoughts are with the victim and all those affected.’