How to Spiritually prepare for Ramadan

it is important now to speak about Preparing the spiritual side which is the most crucial and whoever success in doing will get Benefits  and Rewards from Allah way beyond our Imagination

While we covered: How to Physically prepare for Ramdan and mentioned tricks that will make us suffer less from headaches, hunger, and tiredness, it is important now to speak about how to Prepare for Ramadan spiritually which is the most important and crucial, and whoever succeeded will earn Benefits and Rewards our Imagination can’t describe its Greatness. so here are our tips:

1. Clear up tasks that can be done in advance

The last thing you want is anything that could distract you from the purpose of the blessed month. Consider stocking up on your shopping, and preparing and freezing food in advance. This will give you more time during the beautiful month to focus on God, self-improvement, and charity

2. Make a Do list

Whether it would be reading the entire Quran, or praying Taraweeh every night, or inviting families for iftar. make a list of things you would like to achieve in the month and then how you plan on achieving these goals. It is important that goals are realistic and applicable even on your usual days so that you may continue to do these deeds after Ramadan.

3. Make a Don’t List

Are you doing sins that became Habits, or some negative personality traits that you can’t change? Then Ramadan is the best time to Smash them. Start writing down what you want to stop doing, also consider what simulates them in the first place, and plan to stop doing them for good.

4. Try to apply them immediately!

Not only applying the Do&Don’t list now will increase your success chance in perfectly completing them in Ramadan inshAllah, but also there is no guarantee that we will make it until Ramadan, and Allah is always here by your side. So why wait?

5. Increase your Dua

Don’t wait until the 1st of Ramadan and warm up by Seeking forgiveness for any Sins, immerse yourself in good deeds, make Dua reach Ramadan, and complete it without sins, try to be closer to Allah, and Pray for your family and Umah and everyone and ask That Ramadan would be just a beginning of a better self.

6. Seek more Knowledge

lastly, Pursue Islamic knowledge, learn all you can of the many virtues of Ramadan, and learn more about the Sunnah that you can make That will help you move closer to Allah and understand your duties as a Muslim. for example Read: 6 ways to Build House in Jannah