Former K-Pop Star & YouTuber Jay Kim Converts To Islam.

YouTube personality and vlogger Jay Kim (김재한) recently surprised his fans with the news of him converting to Islam.

The news was shared by him via his official YouTube channel as well as his Instagram account. The video shows Jay (real name Kim Jae Han) reciting the shahada (ritual for newly converted Muslims) in front of the members of the Seoul Cental Mosque.

For those who might not know, reciting the shahada is a religious ritual to declare Muslim’s belief that their God (Allah) is only one (No other God besides Allah) as well as claiming that Prophet Muhammad is Allah’s courier.

It’s also revealed that he will go by the name Daud Kim. According to the former singer-songwriter, he was born as a Catholic with the name David. He added that “it would make sense to get the name Daud”. For info, Daud was also one of the 25 Prophets alongside Prophet Muhammad.

His YouTube channel has garnered a large fan base due to its content that is filled with positive vibes on Islamic culture in South Korea. As of writing, his account has generated over 561,000 subscribers online.

As mentioned earlier, Jay Kim began his career in South Korea as as a singer and also songwriter. According to Kmania, the famous YouTuber has released 2 EPs under Media Bridge Entertainment. This makes him technically the 1st ever K-Pop artiste to fully embrace Islam!

The comments section has been filled with his followers expressing their gratitude for his thoughtful decision. Manyl netizens have shared their happiness with the YouTube personality by sending him positive words of encouragement.