For the first time in Hajj, pilgrims use e-scooters for movement

For the first time, the Transport General Authority (TGA) has provided an e-scooter for pilgrims to facilitate their movements while performing Hajj season.

This new service aims at improving pilgrims’ experience, facilitating their movements while performing their rituals, and reducing the duration of their trips from Mount Arafat to Muzdalifah

The e-scooter reduces the transport time for pilgrims while they are moving from Arafat to Muzdalifah. This service contributes to shortening the time to 15 minutes instead of an hour while walking between the two Holy Sites.

For the first time in Hajj, pilgrims use e-scooters for movement

The service has helped enrich the experience for many pilgrims. The TGA established a specialized team to raise awareness about using the scooters, and the authority will work on developing and improving the service for future Hajj seasons.

It is worth mentioning that it has been allocated a specific path. Those who will use the e-scooters need to follow this designated path to facilitate the ways of usage, in addition, to maintaining the pilgrims’ safety during their movement.

This comes as part of the TGA’s role in providing diverse transport options and adopting modern technology to offer pilgrims the best possible experience, and to ensure their safe mobility while performing their rituals.