Erdogan: Evil will arrive at Kaaba if Arab, Muslim countries remain silent

On Friday Turkish head of state, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, knocked Arab and also Muslim leaders for approving or staying silent on the concern of the United States “deal of the century”, Turkish media reported.

Erdoğan stated his nation’s solid resistance to the offer introduced at the White House by United States President Donald Trump on Tuesday, where ambassadors of 3 Arab countries remained in presence.

“We will never recognise or accept the deal as it aims to annex occupied Palestinian lands,” he verified at a conference of rural heads of the Justice and also Development Party in Ankara.

As reported by Turkish paper, Daily Sabah, Erdo ğa likewise introduced that leaving the destiny of Jerusalem and also the Palestinians completely in the “bloody claws” of Israel will be “the greatest evil in all humanity”.

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Turkey does not have any kind of issues with the Jewish individuals, Erdo ğan emphasized, yet protests the overbearing plans of Israel which intend to lay hold of the legal rights of Palestinians.

Erdo ğan highlighted the relevance of Jerusalem and also the spiritual monoliths in the city for Muslims and also Christians, advising all to increase their voices versus Trump’s offer.

“If we cannot protect Al-Aqsa Mosque, we will not be able to prevent those who turn to the Kaaba as a target in the future,” he revealed, worrying that “Jerusalem is our red line for this reason.”

The Turkish head of state kept in mind that the concern of Palestine and also Jerusalem is an issue for allMuslims He criticised them and also their silence, asking: “When will you raise your voice?”

Erdo ğa preserved that a “rogue state”, such as Israel, is totally inappropriate to Turkey.

According to Reuters, Erdo ğan attested: “When we look at the stance of countries in the Muslim world toward this step and the announced text, I pity us.”

“Saudi Arabia mostly, you are silent. When will you speak? The same goes for Oman, Bahrain, the Abu Dhabi leadership.”

He included: “They even go and applaud it there. Shame on you… Some Arab countries supporting such a plan are betraying Jerusalem, their own peoples and most of all humanity.”